Consulting Services

“Enable our clients to Realize the Business Potential” by leveraging our unique services.


Strategy consulting is one of the critical enabler in business consulting, DNP services bring in dedicated consultants with Industry, Functional and Domain focused experts as business advisors to a company to enable organization for creation of long-term blueprint or strategic plan. We will provide strategic direction and establish the road map that the company will take in the short-term in order to fulfil all long-term goals. This includes working with client stakeholders directly through workshops to get better insights to design sustainable and streamlined workflows. With our best reusable risk assessment frameworks, we help our clients in managing projects profitable, within budget and agreed timelines and resources. Ourstrategy consultants often work with CXOs to help organization toget the competitive advantage through strategic planning and make sure to develop innovative solutions.


Our business advisory council work with internal business strategists to help set up a comprehensive blueprint that defines long-term management goals including a robust set of practices with an optimized approach to help runs the company from the top-down. Additionally, our management consultants often use robust management consulting frameworks and case studies to help client senior executives and managers be more aware of industry best-practices and the most effective t methodologies. Our proven methodologies and consultancy frameworks are used to assess, review and analyse business goals. With our innovative business model and frameworks drives several factors that can influence competitive market, target audience and customers, optimize and redefine the org structures, increase the ROI and help in reducing operation costs. Our end-goal is to optimize and bring in best collaborative approach with new design thinking for better business and IT operate models to derive and unleash business value in long run and in more efficient manner.

Infrastructure Management

Our consultants with their leading best optimized approaches and practicesin wide range of areas, help business better leverage their IT infrastructure and support the developed applications and manage the infrastructure. We typically provide below two type of services.

Upgrade/Enhance: we work with IT change management systems and Infrastructure team to better understand the objectives and challenges with existing environment. Our services includes upgrading / enhancing from one-premise to cloud systems, migrating data from legacy systems and applications by leveraging advanced technologies like Cloud engines, Big data platform, Blockchain technology, and more.

Maintenance & Support: we help our clients to redefine and optimize the existing IT infrastructure of the business and also provide day to day maintenance and support. This includes support engineers to do a specific day to day activities like system health checks, conducting reviews of applications, coding support, security patches and software version upgrades.